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Your Success Strategy

You’re a savvy go-getter. You're 'all in' on your mission. You’ve been hustling, even sacrificing to make it a success. That’s definitely not the issue. Despite your best efforts, you know things could — and should — be better.

What you need is someone to discuss your ideas with — someone that can clear the fog, provide strategic advice, and help you take decisive action.

As the former Executive Director of a nationally recognized non-profit and the Leadership Pastor for a thriving church, I have the diverse experience and insight of a proven professional. As a consultant, I’ve helped hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs uncover answers that matter. I can help you, too.

Book a session and  “borrow my brain” today.

In your Success Strategy session, I work with you 1-on-1 to formulate customized strategies and share practical wisdom just for you. You’ll walk away with an empowering action plan and enduring value, ready to take you to the next level.

You should schedule a session if …

  • You need clarity for the next steps to take in your biz or ministry to achieve greater success
  • You’re sure you have the right pieces to the puzzle, but not sure how to how to put them together in the right order for the right fit
  • You know God called you to your work, but you're trying so hard and gaining too little traction toward your goals
  • Your success seems like it's outpacing you - you're overwhelmed or overstretched and need better systems or delegations to get your life back
  • You’ve got an idea and need professional insight before you fully commit to it
  • You have an innovative idea, expert intellectual property, or proprietary content that you need to make more powerful and memorable with a signature framework
  • You have a priority project like an event, course, book, funnel, or other project with lots of moving parts, and you need a thinking partner to work through all the details
  • You have any other business or leadership problem that has you stumped


How it works:

  1. Fill out the Success Strategy questionnaire.
  2. Request a time slot (link will be provided) and submit your payment.
  3. You'll have my full attention as we strategize for 60 minutes.

Prior to the call, I spend an hour combing through whatever content you feel is relevant. During our call, I provide customized strategies aligned with your stated goals, and will answer every question you ask.

The cost of a session is $597.

Book Your Call

Contact Me Today.

To arrange a Success Strategy session and "borrow my brain", click the button below to schedule a time and complete an initial questionnaire before we meet, so we can make the best use of our time together. 

I look forward to working with you!


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