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Dr. Sheila Cornea founded Gutsy Grace Leaders to inspire ladies to lead with more ease and enjoyment. She is passionate about encouraging faith-centric leaders to maximize their potential and engage their influence with gutsy grace.  With experience as a career educator, non-profit executive, and ministry leader, Dr. Cornea’s diverse experience has offered her rich opportunities to partner with a broad spectrum of learners and leaders in their personal and professional development. Through her corporate consulting and coaching, Sheila encountered many people with great ideas and big dreams hoping to be successful, but needing help to drive their innovations to success. Her mission as a leadership coach is to empower others to transform their passion into progress that enables personal and professional success.

As a coach…Sheila enjoys one-on-one coaching of emerging leaders and influencers. Her ideal coaching client is an action-taker who has a clear vision of her future and seeking a partner to collaborate on the strategy and structure to achieve their vision. She often coaches aspiring authors, emerging ministers, and nonprofit executives. As expressed by one of her coaching clients, “Sheila’s immeasurable ability to encourage, enduring wisdom and steadfast fortitude kept me moving forward.”

As a consultant…In addition to conducting leadership seminars, organizational consulting, and team-building workshops with corporations, Sheila favors working with ministries and non-profits and 'good works' organizaitons to help them develop best practices to empower their mission. One client describes, “Dr. Cornea does not just teach and coach leadership, she exudes it.”  

As an educator…Having earned her doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership and Development from Nova Southeastern University, Dr. Cornea also specialized in Adult Learning. A life-long learner herself, Dr. Cornea has served as an administrator at Lee University and as adjunct faculty at Southeastern University, her alma mater, teaching various education and leadership courses. She has also served on the leadership teams for Victory Church in Lakeland, Dwelling Place Church International, and the International Institute of Mentoring with Judy Jacobs’ Ministries.

As an author…In addition to published curricula and magazine articles, Sheila co-authored The 150 Most Important Bible Verses. Her first book,The 100 Most Important Bible Verses for Leaders was released by Thomas Nelson in 2006, and her latest book, The 365 Most Important Bible Passages for Mothers was released by FaithWords in 2012.

As a speaker…Often invited to speak at conferences, Sheila has been described as “surprisingly funny, but seriously challenging.” One conference participant explains, “Her message is always fresh and relevant. Dr. Cornea possesses the unique ability of making the listener feel as if she is speaking directly to them.” Sheila most enjoys addressing ladies in leadership, church groups, and faith-based organizations. Her humorous insight is known to motivate participants to action.


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