About Sheila

I'll help you engage your tenacity to relentlessly pursue

the life and work your soul craves!

About Sheila

I'll help you engage your tenacity to relentlessly pursue

the life and work your soul craves!

I believe each of us is created with greatness inside of us, and our

souls crave fulfilling our purpose by serving the world through it.

Hi, I'm Sheila, aka 'Doc'.

My superpower is helping difference-makers wrangle their big ideas, untangle their task list, and launch their dreams into the world.

I believe you’re a difference-maker who landed here on purpose, and I imagine we likely have a few things in common.

If you’re like me, then you…

define success as living a life that matters

desire to make a difference in the world

strive to live authentically and intentionally

juggle many different roles and responsibilities (and love it!)

continually pursue balance and harmony in your work and life

…and if we’re both being completely transparent, then this may feel familiar too…

* We want to clone ourselves, so that we can do more.

* We sometimes get frustrated with the slow pace of projects, people, and progress.

* We know we should care for ourselves first, but often end up last on our own to-do lists.

* We love our families, but we love our work too, and miss them both when we’re not with them.

* We have at times considered giving up, taking easier roads, or settling for less, but we crave a life of meaning... so we keep pursuing our dreams!

After burning out my adrenals trying to do too much, too fast, for too many, I realized that the kind of long-lasting success I wanted required more than hustle.

Success requires two key ingredients: strategy and stamina. I started working smarter, not harder, and began a journey to develop the qualities that would give me success stamina I needed for the long-game. When I began seeing many savvy women entrepreneurs and ministers with great potential lay down their dreams at the feet of obstacles, hardships, and weariness, I knew I had to help them find a way to tap into their tenacity...and that's why I created the Tenacity Tribe.

I want you to fulfill your dream of making a difference, because your mission matters.

I want you to enjoy long-lasting, soul-satisfying success beyond your fifteen minutes of fame, because people around you need your wisdom, your encouragement, and your voice of experience.

Our world needs you now more than ever.

So, Let’s Get Started!

"Dr. Sheila Cornea is a true gem. Her knowledge and wisdom concerning

organizational leadership and life management is surpassed only by her poise."

Pastor Erika Hendricks

On a personal note…

It grieves me to see ladies struggle in their way to success, or worse yet, to give up because it’s just so hard sometimes. I get it. I’ve experienced the struggle too. I have been the only lady around the boardroom table several times throughout my career. I’ve pioneered for women in leadership for things as important as equitable pay to well-deserved titles… I even once led a ‘no more pantyhose’ charge to free us girls! 😉 I’ve struggled to find the balance in nurturing my family and doing the work I love, while somehow feeling guilty for succeeding and short-changing both areas.

If you have struggled with balancing life and work, overcoming overwhelm or finding joy in your journey, I can help you. Whether you serve in ministry, non-profit, or entrepreneurship, we have a community and resources that can help you tap into your tenacity, engage authentic strategies, and strengthen your success stamina.

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I find that the most interesting things about a person often aren’t found in their formal resumes. {Really, isn’t knowing that I’m a Nutella addict more interesting than knowing my dissertation topic?!} But I know credentials are important too when you're trusting someone to guide you in your success journey. So, here are answers to some questions people often ask:

- I've invested well over $100k in formal education; I'm a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, SCORRE graduate speaker, Certified Career Direct Consultant, and have trained under Amy Porterfield, Ray Edwards, Marie Forleo, Mike Kim, Judy Jacobs, Chalene Johonson, Jevonnah Ellison and many other great mentors.

- Since starting work at age 14 as a candy maker, my experience has been diverse having served as a school principal, non-profit executive, leadership pastor, entrepreneur, church consultant, international speaker, and published author, among other roles.

- I've been married to the same guy for 30 years, have a wonderful blended family with four of the most adorable, energetic, lovable grandkids you could meet...yes, I have pictures!

- Random things I love include coffee, audio books, podcasts, Nutella, and reflexology.

- I'm an Enneagram 9w8; S/C on DISC; INFJ; and my top 5 Clifton Strengths are strategic, relator, belief, arranger, and connectedness.

- Yes, I am a Christian, and my faith is at the core of everything I am and do.

- My favorite word is 'cozy.'

Get more done in less time, so you

can make a greater impact.

Although I love, no, LOVE, systems and strategies, I realize that like most, you may not. In fact, I have a feeling you may even grimace at the words. But, as boring as they sound, they actually can relieve your stress, help you lead with more ease and enjoyment AND save you time. If you’d like a simple checklist, I have one for you.