Becoming an Online Leader for Such a Time as This

Faith Leadership Purpose

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Just as Esther was unsure of her purpose and calling, many leaders wonder if they have chosen the right path. In the reality of product demand, customer relations, marketing campaigns, and over-extended workdays, we must seek to understand the reason for our being in this place at this time. God has a purpose and a plan in every situation. A leader’s influence does make a difference; sometimes we just need someone like great Uncle Mordecai to remind us what an impact we really do make.

Even on our most difficult day, we probably aren’t faced with a life or death situation like Esther was when she had to confront the King. However, leaders can learn much from Esther as she waited in uncertainty for God’s purpose, plan and protection. God provided her with all she needed to confront a very challenging situation with brave action:

Divine Appointment

God had already given her favor in her outward beauty. He then gave her favor in the eyes of Hegai, the one who could help her during a year of preparation. God gives you favor through connections with people who can help you prepare for your future.

Divine Direction

Esther waited in uncertainty – but used initiative, prayer, wise counsel in the waiting. She took initiative and sent clothes then questions for Mordacai before he called for her help. She not only prayed, but included those closest to her and those for whom she served in her prayer effort. God did not speak directly to her…or she just couldn’t trust hearing His voice, but He spoke to Mordacai on her behalf to give her direction and timing.

Divine Intervention

Esther moved in spite of her fear into a territory that she did not “belong,” trusting that God would intervene as He promised. Proof of God’s Divine Intervention:

  • The king couldn’t sleep, and reviewed the books.
  • The king invited her to speak.
  • The king accepted her invitation twice.
  • The king happened into the room while Haman was begging, which looked like a different situation.
  • The gallows had already been made and were ready for Haman

In response to God's provision, Esther's brave action included:

Faith 5:1 She got ready.

Boldness 5:1 She stood in the inner court.

Courage 5:1 She drew near the scepter.

Dare to believe that God will provide the same divine appointments, divine direction, and divine intervention on your behalf for those whom you serve for “if we fail to succeed in contributing to the goal set before us and are self-serving, we have failed.” (Matthew 25:14-30)

What brave actions can you take this week that will require faith, boldness and courage?