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Want your own Kajabi course?
I'll create it for you!


your ideas + my implementation = one incredible course!

You're a smart, high caliber, go-getting expert, right? You know a course would create more income for you while helping more people, and you've been talking about doing it for what seems like forever. So, what's stopping you?

You've thought about it, planned it out, maybe even took the course to develop it. But every time you try to make progress with it you find another sticking point where you have to watch more tutorials, get more frustrated, and lose more time.

And even worse, by focusing on learning how to build your course, you're actually falling behind in your other client work...the work you love most. 

So, there your course still sits...waiting...not yet earning you more income, and meanwhile, not helping another single soul. And there you are, getting more frustrated each time you think of your course, and maybe even a little disappointed in yourself that you can't get it done. How much longer can you keep getting behind with your client work? How much longer until you begin earning that extra income you need to feel some financial relief? How much longer until you can enjoy your work (and life) again?
Why. is. this. so. hard?!

Trust me, you CAN LAUNCH your course, 

You're right. It shouldn't be this hard...and it doesn't have to be. You just need someone to partner with you to get the time-sucking, frustrating stuff done while you focus on what you're already expert at - your content and your clients.

In my work, I've seen many amazing, high-achieving leaders (like you) overworked and overwhelmed to the point of giving up or giving out. I hate that! Maybe I hate it so much, because I understand it so well. I, too, took my turn at burnout. I was trying to do too much for too many with too little help. When I finally recovered from emotional, spiritual and physical exhaustion, I was more impassioned than ever to help other leaders advance their messages while maintaining healthy, harmonious lives. The Course Collaborative is one of my favorite ways of empowering influencers to lead a life they love while serving more people than ever before. 

You see, content creation is easy when you know the system for structuring curriculum and a strategy for supporting it with technology. It's even easier when you outsource those things, especially if they're not your expertise. But, let's face it: You've poured your heart and soul (and many, many hours) into your course ideas and content. It may be easy to outsource the work, but it is so hard to turn over your ideas, your dream...your 'baby' to someone else. I get it - that's why I believe that collaboration is the best of both worlds, and it's exactly why I created The Course Collaborative for you!  



Hey there, I'm Dr. Sheila Cornea, and I'd love to help you.

For me, transforming great ideas into an easy-to-understand course is as fun as teaching it! In addition to creating my own courses, I've had great experiences working with entrepreneurs, authors, ministers, and educators helping them get their messages transformed into courses. I've created training programs, university classes, and inspirational courses in arenas like:

* small businesses
* churches
* ministries
* nonprofits
* schools

When you join me for The Course Collaborative, you will:

~ Save countless hours designing your course
~ Get your content structured into curriculum for you
~ Gain clarity on the best content to include in your course
~ Skip the frustrating techno-babble and uploading of everything
~ Enjoy peace of mind knowing your course is finally done!

I'd love to help you serve more people and earn more income with your course. Let's get started! 


A done-for-you service to organize your ideas, structure your curriculum, and create your online course, so you can finally launch it!

How The Course Collaborative works...

It's a true collaboration between your expertise and mine. You create the content; then I do the rest! You can be as involved as you like, or trust all the decisions to me. Either way, I'll guide you through the process and make it easy for you!


We discuss your big ideas, goals and design. You remit the agreement of terms, a deposit, and your content, and I get started building your course.

Step 2: DESIGN

I fine-tune your content (if desired) and custom-create your long-awaited course structure and modules for you (while you keep doing what you love!)


You give your stamp of approval, then I provide you with your beautifully designed ready-to-go course, and you finally launch your awesome course

--> You Should Know: I'm not a software developer, so I don't provide custom CSS or HTML services. Student registration, course launch, and marketing services are not included. However, I do offer 'extras' such as landing pages, copy writing, thumbnail graphics, content editing, and launch consultation for extra fees with advanced written agreement. Need something else? Just ask. If it's in my wheelhouse, I'll likely do it!


The Course Collaborative Process

from Start to Finish:

Idea Exchange

I'll research your brand and message. We'll meet together via video to discuss  your course goals, learners’ success pathway, design expectations and establish timelines for your project. Then I'll provide project brief covering scope of work, timeline and consultation schedule.

Content Collection

You’ll begin collecting and/or creating content for your course.You’ll also send me your logo and any colors or graphics you’d like to use. Rather me handle those? I'll be glad to design your colors and graphics to complement your brand. I’ll provide you with a shared Google Drive folder to upload your content as well as a shared project board to organize your project  if you’d like. Simultaneously, I'll get to work structuring your course on the Kajabi platform.

Course Design

Once you provide the content needed for your first module, I’ll upload your content in a well-structured framework with a draft module for your review. We’ll schedule a feedback consultation, then make revisions as needed. Once you approve the draft design and structure, we’ll move to the next phase.

Content Creation

In this phase, I’ll be doing most of the work, creating the remaining modules, transcripts, and supplemental resources for your course. We’ll communicate as needed to make sure that the finished product exceeds your expectations.

Course Delivery

After the design is complete and all payment agreements have been satisfied, I will provide you with a behind-the-scenes walk-through of your course and deliver your site to you for review. At this point, you can test the course. We’ll schedule a third feedback consultation, then I'll make revisions as needed and YOU WILL FINALLY HAVE YOUR FINISHED COURSE!

Sheila's turn around time and professionalism is above and beyond awesome.
— Crystal Power, Powered PIxels


What you can expect to get when you partner in 

The Course Collaborative:


Although this is a done-for-you service, we are partnering together.  Although I'll do the brunt of the work, you'll need to commit to investing approximately two hours for our consultations plus time creating your contents. If you already have a book, blog series, or videos ready, you're all set! 


My work is my reputation, so you can be assured that I'm going to give you my best every step of the way.  I guarantee that "you'll be thrilled" with your first module. If not, I'll refund the remainder of your investment after your deposit. (I'm proud to say that I've had 100% client happiness so far!)  

Excellent Instructional Design

If content is king, then structure certainly must be his queen. For students to best learn, your content will be structured for an effective, user-friendly learning experience including 5-7 modules of up to 3 lessons each.

Refined Course Content

I know you want your course to be effective and excellent, so I'll catch typos, grammatical slips, and such. You'll always have the last say, but I'll have your back all along the way. (As a former English teacher and author - I can't help myself!)

PDFs, Transcripts and More    

The best courses offer several learning components to support the video instruction. I'll provide you with worksheets, module graphics, lesson transcripts, audio supplements and more to help you convey your message. 

Tools and Templates

I know that time is an asset for you, so I'll provide you with tips, tools, apps, templates and coaching to give you shortcuts and timesavers without compromising the integrity or excellence of your course.

Consistent Communication 

Once we begin Phase One you'll receive my private email address and a invite to my audio chat app. You may contact me throughout our process to ask questions, share updates, etc. I'll also setup a shared folder for uploads and even a project board if you'd like.   

Guidance and Consultation

Consultation sessions are included throughout the process to make it quicker and easier for you to get your course launched. I give you my best advice on your content, design, resources, really most any kind of feedback you'd like. I also coach you through the process along the way.


The Course Collaborative is done-for-you service to organize your ideas, structure your curriculum, and create your online course, so you can finally launch it!

Behind-the-Scenes Video

Once you course is finished, I'm not going to throw you into the deep end of the water to swim on your own. No way! Your message is too important! I'll provide you with your very own, customized 'behind-the-scenes' screencast of your course's backend. You'll know just where to go to find everything you need to make future improvements or additions!

Be Your Best on Video

I created this course for instructors who may be a little nervous about creating their videos, but I've heard it's great info for seasoned trainers as well. I cover six attributes that will equip you to be your very best on video.

6 Steps to Structuring a Spectacular Course 

Although I'll be 'doing the work' behind structuring your course for you, this tutorial walks you through the steps to understand what I'm doing and why. It's also a phenomenal resource for you in building future courses.

She is professional and inspiring in her interpersonal
communications and everyday interactions. Dr. Sheila Cornea is a true gem. —  Pastor Erika Hendricks

Choose the plan that's best for you!

I realize that timelines, budgets and goals vary, so you have a couple of ways to partner with me to get your course out of 'planning' and into 'launching'.

Everything in Phases One through Five are included plus the Bonuses in  2 payments!

+  Kajabi Platform Set-up 
+  Course Framework Set-Up
+  Up to 7 Modules and/or 18 Lessons
+  Course Workbook & Graphics
+  Module Worksheets & Graphics
+  Lesson Video & Content Uploads 
+  Lesson Audio & Transcript Creation
+  Course Brief, Project Board & Folder
+  3 Consultations via Video
+  Landing & Checkout Pages
+  Payment Portal Set-Up (if needed)
+  Unlimited Email and Audio Chat  
+  Behind-the-Scenes Screencast
+  Be Your Best on Video Mini-Course
+  6 Steps to Structuring Course

--  2 Payments of $1600 
--  First Payment Due with Agreement
--  Final Payment Due within 45 Days


                  - Convenience Plan -

              Two Payments of $1600

I'm Ready - Let's Get Started!

Everything in the Convenience package is included plus extra perks and bonuses! 

+  Kajabi Platform Set-up 
+  Course Framework Set-Up
+  Up to 7 Modules and/or 18 Lessons
+  Course Workbook & Graphics
+  Module Worksheets & Graphics
+  Lesson Video & Content Uploads
+  Lesson Audio & Transcript Creation
+  Course Brief, Project Board & Folder
+  3 Consultations via Video
+  Landing & Checkout Pages
+  Payment Portal Set-Up (if needed)
+  Unlimited Email and Audio Chat  
+  Behind-the-Scenes Screencast
+  Be Your Best on Video Mini-Course
+  6 Steps to Structuring Course

+  About Me Bio Page
+  Four Social Media Posts
+  Shout-Outs on Social Media
+  One-on-One Coaching Session
+  Launch Strategy Consultation 

              - Best Value & Extra Perks -

                   Full Payment of $3000

I'm Ready to Go All In!


A done-for-you service to organize your ideas, structure your curriculum, and create your online course, so you can finally launch it!

As long as you have a solid idea and know your subject well, you're in good shape. While I'm designing your course structure, you can create your teaching videos. From there we can co-create the supplemental resources.
No, I don't manage your course once it's delivered. However, I do provide you with a Behind-the-Scenes screencast of your finished site so that you'll know exactly where to find registration information on your students.
Most of my clients use video as their primary teaching format. If you use video, I can create audio, transcripts and worksheets all from that one video. Of course you can always create your own supplementatl materials for me to add to your course for you as well.
Hosting your own course can leverage you as an expert in your arena by empowering you to reach more people at once with your message. You can also grow your influence list by offering a free course as well as increase your passive income with paid courses. If you’re an author, creating a course can offer a great bonus to your book, boosting your sales!
Depends. If you already have your content ready to go and an open schedule for our consultations, and my schedule is clear, we may be able to get your course up and running within two weeks. Otherwise, it will depend on how long you need to finish your content. I recommend that my clients schedule about 10 hours to plan out content and record videos. You may require more or less time depending on your experience with your content and your ease on camera. (I have resources to help you with both!) Also, you'll need to plan for one hour for our first consultation and 30 minutes for each of the two following consultations.
Just send me an email at [email protected] and we'll set up a complimentary 15 minute discovery call for you.

Friend, you know everything you need to know to make a decision, so what will it be? 

Will you wait longer, labor harder, get more frustrated, or worse, keep struggling to make ends meet financially? Or,  will you rise to your calling and make a greater impact?  


One more thing... 

If you're like me, you want to get to know someone before you jump full on into working with them. So, click the video to find how more about my 'super powers' and why I love helping influencers create the freedom they need to lead the lives they love. 


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