How to Finish Strong and Be More Successful


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You can achieve that goal!

If you’re like me, you’re enjoying the hustle and bustle of success. I want to fully enjoy the season…and I need more time to complete some big goals on my list for this year! I’m reminding myself of a few important tips to getting those important things done before the new quarter rolls around – I’d bet you can benefit from them too!

Celebrate what you’ve already accomplished.

I’ll admit that sometimes I am so focused on getting the next thing started that I forget to slow down and appreciate what I finished. Join me in looking back at last quarter's goals and reflecting on all the good things we’ve done since then. Why start here? Well, success is a great motivator! It’s helpful to reflect on which areas your most successful right now, this excellent tool can help you reflect more objectively on your current success.

Assess what you have left to accomplish.

Maybe you have only one thing left on your list, or maybe you’re like me…I have several. It’s important to take a realistic look at the list of undone things and assess whether or not they need to be accomplished this year, or at all for that matter. Sometimes as our seasons and situations change, so does our need to complete some things related to them. It may be time for you to reassess what success means to you for this year.

Determine the next big thing you’re going to accomplish.

Just focus on the most important one ‘trigger’ goal. Try to identify the one that will set others in motion too. For example, if I can complete my one ‘trigger’ goal to define and assign delegations for projects, then it will impact the four projects which I delegated, so in essence, I’m advancing five goals at once. If you can’t find one overarching goal that serves as a trigger to others, then decide which one will bring you the greatest reward and tackle it.

Invite assistance and accountability.

Leaders are not lone rangers. We need others who can complement our strengths and who can support us in keeping our priorities our main focus. Share your goal with a friend or colleague and invite them to check-in with you on your progress.

Work a plan of action.

Once you’ve targeted your goal, break it down into workable action steps. Plan out what you’ll do over the next couple of days, then even further into hourly blocks of time. Roll up your sleeves, turn off the distractions, and take action!

We can finish strong this year! We are leaders. We don’t give up. We dig in. We focus. We get things done. We finish strong!