Start with Self to be a Great Leader

Leadership, Personal Growth, Purpose

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As leaders, we are always on a journey of mastering our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so that we can succeed and serve others well. No matter what level of success we achieve as a leader, self-leadership is vital to leading others well.

When you leverage your behaviors you can use your knowledge, resources, and habits, so that you are better able to serve others through leadership.


You can bring value to others by being who God created you to be by knowing your personal TAGS: talents, abilities, giftings and strengths. The more you know about your inclinations, personality, leadership style, and energy flow will better equip you to live and lead the way you desire. So many resources are available to help you discover more about yourself. Consider using a spiritual gifts assessment or strengths survey as a good starting point.


Taking the information you know about yourself and accepting it, not just as good enough, but truly good. God created you on purpose, with purpose, for purpose. He gave you the ingredients you need to make the life He designed for you. Your job is to accept yourself, embrace your TAGS, and engage in life with them.


Who do you want to be? Who are you know? What is the gap? Spend time examining your thoughts and feelings about those three questions. From the answers to these questions, you are able to project a path for improvement.


Gather ideas and encouragement from others who care about you and your success. Consider a feedback survey from various colleagues, friends or family members that have a reciprocal investment in your success.

You are the common denominator in all of your relationships. You are the only one who can change your own skills, feelings and behaviors toward greater success.