Then God Noticed and Nodded

Want to be the first to know?

Do you ever wonder if God really hears you?

Is He paying attention to your life among the millions?

Does He know your burdens, your hopes, your heart?

Sometimes, I wonder.

Usually, the wonder comes when I’m in need. When I’m searching for answers, or even a hint to clues of answers.

Sometimes He answers in the way I ask. Sometimes He answers another, better way.

And sometimes He surprises me when I’m not even wondering or mindful at all.

Meet my faithful friend, my favorite Bible.

She’s been with me for the long-haul. She holds tear-stained pages and whispered prayers within her. She looks weary from her journey through seasons of struggle and celebration. She’s preached messages with me. She’s hidden in the secret place with me. She’s offered me hope and answers and questions and conviction.

On Saturday I asked my husband to do surgery on her tattered skin with a little packing tape. He wasn’t sure it would help much. And it didn’t. But, at least, my well-loved friend could still sit with me in my comfy chair and share her secrets with me over coffee without shedding her sacred pages.

Yes, I have other Bibles. And, yes, I know we Westerners are privileged with the freedom to have one in every room if we want, and I do.

Yet, still, this torn, worn, paperback gem is my favorite.

…and God noticed…

On Sunday my hubs and I took a quick trip to the used bookstore to sell some of our books that didn’t make the cut when purging for packing. While we awaited the posting of our customer number on the big board telling us our turn was up, we browsed.

I’ve never strolled all the way back to the store, so I took an adventure back and stumbled into the Christian fiction, then devotionals, then Bibles.

I browsed through all the versions, styles, colors…then I saw her…sitting all by herself…none other like her.


She was brand new. She didn’t even have a name written on her cover or entry page. She had no marks or mars. She even had a laminated cover to strengthen her resolve to the finish line.

That’s when I felt it.

When I felt Him.

When I felt His eyes on me, head nodding toward me, likely with a subtle grin, knowing yesterday the surprise He had planned for me today.

I hadn’t asked for a replacement for my faithful friend. I wasn’t searching for a new one like her.

She hadn’t even crossed my mind while I was browsing her shelf.

But God.

He knows my heart.

And He knows your heart too.

God loves you.

He is for you.

You can trust Him.