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5 Ways of Freeing Yourself in Work & Life

When you are passionate about your work and equally enamored with your personal life, you can sometimes feel them tugging with one another over your attention. As leaders, most of us struggle to keep our heads above water during busy seasons…and honestly, sometimes we even allow those seasons to become lifestyles. It is easier to get out of balance when we love our work, than it is to leave the work undone. Equally, there are times when we just want, or need, to spend an unusual amount of time with a friend in need, our new baby, or ill relative. Life demands our attention, and our hearts pull us in many directions that can leave us feeling out off kilter. If you recognize any of...

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Start with Self to be a Great Leader

 As leaders, we are always on a journey of mastering our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so that we can succeed and serve others well. No matter what level of success we achieve as a leader, self-leadership is vital to leading others well.

When you leverage your behaviors you can use your knowledge, resources, and habits, so that you are better able to serve others through leadership.


You can bring value to others by being who God created you to be by knowing your personal TAGS: talents, abilities, giftings and strengths. The more you know about your inclinations, personality, leadership style, and energy flow will better equip you to live and lead the way you...

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5 Tips for Staying Your Best as a Leader

Effective leadership is intentional. Great leaders spend time in both effective leadership planning and practice. Some great things to consider as you plan your successful leadership are:

Establish Non-negotiable Principles

“If you would have a happy life, remember two things: In matters of principle, stand like a rock; in matters of taste, swim with the current,” Thomas Jefferson. If you haven’t yet established your set of core values, start there.  

Be flexible with the things that are negotiable. “You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist,” Indira Gandhi. So, seek to be a plow rather than a bulldozer. The plow cultivates the soil, making it a good...

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