Three Challenges You Must Overcome for

Your Dream to Make a Difference

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I didn't get in school trouble much, but if I did it was likely for daydreaming. Who doesn't love to dream about the future? If you're called to be a difference-maker, you've got a dream. Maybe your dream is yet to be defined, likely it hides in the busyness of life only to peek out from time-to-time, or possibly it gnaws at you daily, nagging, even begging you to give it life. Or, just maybe, you've tried. You're trying.

Let's be honest. Dreaming is the fun part of becoming a difference-maker, but the reality of bringing that dream to life can be challenging. Don't be blindsided by these three dream killers -- and don't let them have your dream!


Difficulties like 'the tech stuff' or 'knowing what to do next' or just being overwhelmed with all. the. things. will nip away at your enthusiasm for your dream and make you wonder if it is all worth it.

--- IT IS. YOU ARE! --

Difficulties are easier to manage when you anchor to your dream's purpose. When you're a difference-maker, your dream is connected to serving someone. When things get tough, remember that person whose life you can make better.


Some disappointments scream at you; Others whisper.

When you experience betrayal or backlash it's pretty easy to identify the disappointment you feel. But there are subtle, smaller disappointments that sneakily creep into your dreams if you're not careful. Like an army of ants, they are small, almost unnoticeable individually, but together with their co-conspirators they are mighty and damaging.

Notice the moments when you pause at small disappointments and reframe them immediately. For me, that may look like going live on Instagram stories expecting booming interaction and ...crickets. In that moment I may feel disappointed, but I have a choice about what to do with that disappointment. I can push it to the side, let it build up, and eventually demotivate me from going live again. Or, I can identify it, remind myself of my purpose, and recall that I plant seeds and water them, and I trust God to bring the increase. Just because the result doesn't look like I expected it would, doesn't mean it wasn't worthy of the effort.


The drift is simply getting so caught up in life that you unintentionally end up settling in a place you never planned to be, doing what you never even wanted to do.

It is never too late to grab an oar and intentionally stop drifting and start driving your own life toward your dream!

Friend, you are called to be a difference-maker. Breathe new life into your God-given dream today. Someone is waiting for your dream to make a difference in their life. Let's get to it.