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5 of My Favorite Podcasts for Influencers

Recently, one of my clients took a new position with a new company and found herself leading a team. Finding that she had inherited a whole package of problems that had not been resolved by the previously leader, she asked me for some suggestions on leadership and business resources. I jumped at the chance to help her overcome the obstacles I knew she was about to face in navigating change with her new team. I’ve been there, and I know that when you’re leading a new team through change, you need quick wins. When you need consistent, quick, implementable resources, podcasts are the way to go!

Over the last two years I’ve become a podcast junkie, so dwindling down my list...

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How to Finish Strong and Be More Successful


You can achieve that goal!

If you’re like me, you’re enjoying the hustle and bustle of success. I want to fully enjoy the season…and I need more time to complete some big goals on my list for this year! I’m reminding myself of a few important tips to getting those important things done before the new quarter rolls around – I’d bet you can benefit from them too!

Celebrate what you’ve already accomplished. 
I’ll admit that sometimes I am so focused on getting the next thing started that I forget to slow down and appreciate what I finished. Join me in looking back at last quarter's goals and reflecting on all the...

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Work-Life Balance is a Lie; Try Harmony Instead

Never have I heard a leader say, “I’m enjoying my personal life so much, it’s hard to find time for my work.”

In fact, I’m sure I’ve never said it either. As leaders we feel passionately obligated to work or serve in our calling, and we hope our families and friends will understand, accept, even share our enthusiasm for it. Whether we overwork out of a sense of obligation or fulfillment doesn’t matter to those who miss us. They both create a void when we are absent, and frankly, they can both cause us regret and guilt when we are absent from those whom we most cherish. 

As leaders, most of us struggle to keep our heads above water...

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