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Becoming an Online Leader for Such a Time as This

Just as Esther was unsure of her purpose and calling, many leaders wonder if they have chosen the right path. In the reality of product demand, customer relations, marketing campaigns, and over-extended workdays, we must seek to understand the reason for our being in this place at this time. God has a purpose and a plan in every situation. A leader’s influence does make a difference; sometimes we just need someone like great Uncle Mordecai to remind us what an impact we really do make.

Even on our most difficult day, we probably aren’t faced with a life or death situation like Esther was when she had to confront the King. However, leaders can learn much from Esther as she...

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Three Greatest Obstacles to Hearing God & How to Overcome Them

The greatest asset that I have found in long-game leadership is divine direction from God. No leader knows all, so there is an imperative need for a greater source of knowledge, wisdom, courage, and compassion that we must tap into as leaders. Inasmuch, there is no greater liability to a leader than being unable to discern God’s guidance when it is needed.

Like many entrepreneurial leaders, I can be a bit of a loner at times. Although I love spending time with family and friends, solitude is what I need to recalibrate my energy and focus. Sometimes I get too involved in life and leadership and slip into the bad habit of neglecting what I need most to thrive. When I do, it always...

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